Supporting scientific researches in the Public Authority for Applied Education and Training constitutes the basic rule through which public education sector and researches represented by the research department finances researches in order to support and consolidate researches in the authority in order to achieve scientific creativity for the staff of education and training.

Finance is provided in the form of grants and contracts that tend to achiever the objectives of scientific research subject to the rules and procedures of the Public Authority for Applied Education and Training in order to enable the person who have the grant to follow the phases of implementing the approved research and also to enable the authority to provide external support sources that consolidates and encourages research participations in the authority in order to achieve excellence. All researches in the researches department are subject to unified procedures and assessment. Therefore, for that purpose, Researches’ Department provide a system for reviewing researches including arbitrators as well as specialized committees in order to ensure that the research is based on a high scientific standard and contributes also in consolidating scientific development. This system is considered as the basic rule through which approval on the presented research is done. The researches sector represented by the Researches Department has provided what is called as “ Researches Support Guide” which includes the procedures and guidance in order to facilitate for researchers following the suitable steps for implementing their research projects ( Arabic and English ). This is mainly intended to enter the data. This includes supporting the research order on his instructions that are related to financing the research. The main researcher should provide a summary in both Arabic and English to concentrate on the nature of the research, its objectives, importance, approach, expected results, the importance of achieved results and its contribution to improve the concepts that are related to the field which is tackled by research. The researcher should also determine the research objectives and the issues that should be treated and solved. We should discuss the importance of the results of the research extensively determining the suitable answers for some of the unknown phenomenon and to treat some of the issues in order to make new discoveries or new patents.

The researcher should present the theoretical framework for the subject that should be discussed and to determine the need for research in the suggested field. This depends mainly on the Literature Review that has been explode in the State of Kuwait or in any other State which encourage us to resume research in the existing issue and to employee the results of sources studies by comparing them to the results of the current study.

As for the methodology, the researcher should convince arbitrators as well as the management that the approach that will be adopted in this research is suitable in convenient for all research valuable.

At the end of the research plan, the researchers determines the anticipated scientific results from the present research which appear in the form of population papers and scientific articles. Also it appears in the form of conference participation, report for patterns registration. Since the actual research are the concrete results that achieves the objectives, source results should be in direct relation and similar to the objectives or research. At the end the researcher depends on the references that are arranged according to following sequence(author’s name, year, title of Paper, journal, volume, page). The researchers implement the research plan according to the research support for application form and provides stage report for the research and finally represents the final project. Usually the reports and researches of the final stage are reviewed by the Deputy General of the Public Authority for applied Education and Training to ensure the volume of the procedures taken by the researcher in achieving the research objectives in a sound scientific Manner.