Research Expertise and Field of Interest

My field of expertise lies in investigating how information technologies are explored and exploited in open ambidextrous systems. Specifically, how new information technologies are built and how existing technologies are developed on network systems through open innovation environments.  This emerging approach to ambidexterity has been particularly evident in the telecommunication industry where technological exploration and exploitation processes are established on information and communication technology platforms. I have also examined the adoption of M-commerce among different categories of users such as future users, current users, and non-users to understand how perceived benefits and barriers of M-commerce influence users adoption decision. I have also examined Internet addiction among university students and its effect on their health.

Recently my research focus is on user adoption, and usage frequency of social media, and mobile instant messaging applications.  In the future, I have interest in exploring the adoption and use of wearable technologies, specifically the adoption and use of the smart watch as it is slowly gaining popularity and user acceptance.


  • Power & Success
  • Family & Health
  • Intelligence & Education
  • Integrity & Respect
  • Happiness & Comfort
  • Peace & Stability


  • Time, Money and Happiness
  • The Power of Story
  • Building Innovative Brands
  • Cultural Psychology
  • Emotions, Goals, and Health
  • computer-aided design